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1 Determination of Geothermal Energy Sources in Masu area Northeastern Nigeria Using Spectral analysis of Aeromagnetic data. AKIISHI M . Isikwue, B. C. Iortim T.T, Ankeli G.O Download
2 Preliminary Investigation of Water Quality at Coal Mining Area of Owukpa District, Ogbodigbo LGA,Benue State, Nigeria. S. BUBA, Jennifer H. Hamadu, Niyim W. Bedanand, A.N. Badeson Download
3 Effect Of Waste Dumpsite Pollutant Emission On air Quality In The Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria. Oluyori, Augustine Oladele, Abubakar, Ahmed Sadauki, Usman, Muhammad Tsowaand Suleiman, Yahaya Mohammed Download
4 Assessment of Changes in the Concentration of Aerosol Over Ilorin, North-Central Nigeria. Olaitan Razaq Abolaji (Corresponding Author), Olorunfemi Funso, Ajibade Tajudeen, Adepoju Kayode, (Mrs) Adetoro Olusola Download
5 Groundwater Pollution Around NNPC Depot At Atlas Cove, Lagos State. Muritala O. Oke Download
6 Pollution and Health Issues: a Study of Kaine Agary's Yellow-Yellow and Helon Habila's Oil on Water. Iorwuese GOGO, Afodiya JEREMIAH Download
7 Proximate And Mineral Composition Of Roselle Calyces Waste S . S. Bathiya, P.C. Madu, M. I. Agana, I. Jibril, S. Soga Download
8 Evaluation of heavy Metals from Roadside Soils of major Highways in Lokoja, Kogi State-Nigeria. M.A. Funtua , and Onimisi , F.O. Download
9 Effect of Coal Mining on Water Quality in Owukpa District, Ogbodigbo LGA,Benue State, Nigeria. S.BUBA, Jennifer H. Hamadu, Niyim.W Bedanand A.N Badeson Download
10 Borehole Water And Identification Of Pollution Risk In Bajoga, Funakaye L.G.A. Of Gombe State Nigeria. James Theophilus, Deborah Ishaku Download
11 Environmental Sanitation and Rural Water in Afikpo North L.G.A of Ebonyi State. Oyim Johnson E., Emeka Okorie, Chimaikwuooko, Ntaji Patrick Umari Download
12 The Impact Of Maga Dam Construction On The Downstream Community: A Case Of Kala-Balge And Ngalalgas, N. E. Borno State, Nigeria. Abbas, Adam M.(PhD) Download
13 Water Quality And Controlling Measures For Sustainable Development In Nigeria: A Brief Review. Imrana Haril Salahudeen, Hajarat Bello Samira Download
14 Assessment of the Risks and Health Hazard Involved in the Use of Agrohemical Among Vegetable Farmers in Jama'are River Basin of Jama'are Local Government Area of Bauchi State, Nigeria. Gizaki, L. J., M. Sa'adu and A. H. Paul Download
15 Pollution Assessment of Organophosphosphate Pesticide Residues in An Aquatic Ecosystem. B. W. Tukura, O. S. Osuegba, S. I. Audu, E. B. Yawuck Download
16 Analysis of Physicochemical Parameters and Spatial Variation of Groundwater Quality in Gombe, Gombe State, Nigeria. Maina Benjamin, Aliyuda Kachalla, Sule Samuel, Chindang Donatus Dayil Download
17 The Great Pacific Garbage And The Paradox Of 'Plasticization' Of AquaTerrestial Habitat Of Kwa-Iboe River Estuary. Ebong Mbuotidem Sampson Download
18 Evaluation of heavy Metals from Roadside Soils of major Highways in Lokoja, Kogi State, Nigeria. M.A. Funtua , and Onimisi , F.O. Download
19 Evaluation Of Physiochemical Properties Of Solid Waste(Residues) From Processing Of Cassava Garri And Sweetpotato Starch. Ohuoba, A. N. (PhD STUDENT), Kukwa, R. E. (PhD) AND U. J. UKPABI (PROF) Download
20 Determination of Unsaturated Hydraulic Conductivity and Diffusivity as a Function of Moisture Contents. ADAMU Cornelius Smah, AUDU Andah Daniel , ILIGH Moses Daniel, JOSEPH Benjamin Adejoh Download
21 Climate Change, Environmental Pollution And The Incidence Of Infectious Diseases: A Threat To Attaining Sustainable Development In Nasarawa State, Nigeria. ANGBAS JONATHAN AVRESON (PH. D) OVYE ALFRED ANGBAS Download